Hardwired Banality: The Everyday of Screen Consumption

                      In Hardwired Banality: The Everyday of Screen Consumption, I am interested in the different ways people interact with the multimedia devices, particularly the screen, and how these devices affect our daily lives.  Today the pressure of “always being on” extends across the home, workplace, and into the public sphere.  The constant pressure of having a presence on social media, maintaining constant communication with friends and loved ones or always being connected to work are just some of the reasons why we rely heavily on our devices.  I consider these different scenarios in the form of a narrative timeline of a young couple going through their daily routine from the perspective of their devices.  The narrative addresses how the overload of screen time is deleterious to face-to-face communication, personal space, and physical and mental health.  By illustrating the value we place on being in a virtual space, I show the effects it has on the physical space that we occupy daily.  Below are a selection of drawings from the body of work and a few to show the work in a gallery setting.  The drawings are done with white color pencil on black paper.

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